Luna Bea is a luxurious British bridal label with its roots in high fashion and fine art. Founded by Lu Simmonds after receiving numerous private commissions from designers, artists and creatives wanting something reflecting their own unique style, its pieces are for women who have their own sense of unique style and self.

As a designer, consultant and maker for over 12 years to high profile clients, quality, design and craftsmanship are integral to Lou’s process and she is passionate about ethical practice and preservation of couture skills. Her work is characterised by it’s exquisite blending of technique, sensual texture and fine materials while seamlessly combining heritage techniques with a modern aesthetic and thinking. 


A lifelong passion for textiles, art, jewellery, anthropology within the symbolism of female adornment are at the heart and soul of Luna Bea. Contemporary, ethical and romantic Lu makes pieces steeped in the magic of nature and the feminine Future heirlooms that return to the celebration of beauty, ritual and sensuality from another world, place and time.

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