Elegant, natural, light, exquisite in their cut, design and make.

Pure silk made in England


Featured in Vogue Paris, Elle, Harpers bazaar and The lane in its first year.



As a designer, consultant and maker for over 12 years to high profile clients, quality, design, ethical practice and craftsmanship are integral to our studio process.


As a small independent British studio we are passionate about truly ethical clothing production and preservation of couture skills.knowing where our fabric has come from and who has made our pieces, from custom made silk buttons, to hand hemmed gowns, all our work is done with love and consciousness. We use the finest chemical free silk believing that everything in the universe is connected and our actions no matter how small create far reaching ripples, to ourselves and others.


Our work is characterised by it’s sensitive blending of technique, sensual texture and fine materials while seamlessly combining heritage techniques with a modern aesthetic and thinking, all proudly made by hand in the UK.