I have written this with some insider secrets as on storage and how to clean, care and best wear your gown.

Divided into two sections, pre and post, this is designed to reassure you and keep your gown safe.

You are welcome to use this guide for any gown you have invested in and share with any one who may find it helpful



Do not hang your gown, although fine for short periods of time, gravity will take its toll and a gown left on a hanger will have strain on the delicate seams around the neck and arms, causing damage. If you do not yet have storage boxes, take your gown off the hanger, take of any plastic garment bags and lay flat in a warm dry area, in its fabric gown bag.

If you have tried your gown on with ANY body lotion, perfume, make up, deodorant, or even unwashed hands, its important to have your gown professionally cleaned BEFORE storage for your ceremony. 

ANY alcohol from these products that you, at the moment cant see, will over time cause fine fabrics to 'yellow'. 

Take your gown out of any plastic cover it may be in, including its dress bag, it wants to breathe, plastic does not allow for changes in humidity, this is especially important with natural fibres silk, cotton tulle,cupro and viscose for example.

Store away from light, heat, damp, etc, any where warm and dry, with no insects ( ie not loft)  in a specialist box is ideal. Lay acid free tissue in the bottom of the box, I would personally add 3/4 layers, softly ruffle up to make a 'nest' for your gown, make two tissue 'rolls' like a faux tissue arm, 2/3 sheets of tissue is ideal and lay one in each arm of your gown, this will keep fabric happy. Lay gown in the box and add a layer of tissue between each layer, as you softly fold your gown ( if you need to fold), add a few layers of tissue on top and securely close the box.

You can check  on your gown every 2 months and give a soft move around to keep her happy,ALWAYS wash your hands and make sure they are soap free before handling any gown. 

If you imagine your gown as a baby bird, and you are making a nest for it from acid free tissue paper you will get it perfect, think softly snuggled and held.

Always store in ACID FREE BOX, see links below – with WHITE acid free, (tissue paper that is not purposely acid free has bleach and other chemical in that may yellow over time.

A museum quality pH neutral box is essential, do not use any box that has dye, pattern or staples. 

Below are articles from the V&A museum that are beautiful when thinking on conservation of fine fabrics.


Below is Preservation equipment's website, they are experts in acid free tissue and textile conservation, they are used in museums around the world for fine and historic textile conservation 



The boxes are the creme de la creme, used by appointment to HM The Queen and the V&A, they will protect your gown from moisture, insects, sunlight the works. 

I have added the link below for you.



The sign of a good party is a gown needing some tlc.

We recommend if in any doubt have your gown professionally cleaned by a reputable dry cleaners that you have had a consultation with and feel they understand your needs.

Once your gown has had some professional TLC and is home with you

follow all of the above, enjoy, happiness and life with your love.