We believe in slow, intentional craft with an old fashioned focus on quality, traditional atelier skills and respect every aspect of the gown from chemical free silk to wages of £25ph for our talented makers.

Due to the volume of emails and the hands on nature of our work we may take up to 2 working days to reply.

We are a team of 4 and have intentionally chosen to stay small and hand made, never using factories and always using the finest European French and Italian silks.

We work the traditional way with our hands in the studio, only spending limited time online. 

We best serve you by making small, limited and artisan gowns that move, flow, dance are alive with lightness, sensuality and feminine essence.

Our website is being re designed to serve you post C19, as the world changes and evolves so do we.

We have thoughtfully and carefully updated our FAQ with much information, structure and support for you.

If you are enquiring about a studio appointment please see the bookings page and book your consultation through our online system.

We work traditionally with our hands and hearts in the studio, and will always do our best to get back to you asap with your enquires.

As a guide our gowns start at £2777 and are made to order, taking a minimum of 3-4 months.

 READY TO WEAR service is for clients on a short planning schedule. These gowns are identical to our made to measure gowns, only ready to ship to you in our pre made studio sizing from uk 6-20. Please email for any doubts as we are always happy to help.

If you require a gown sooner than this please email as we may be able to accommodate you.

Each gown is made in house by our team of 4 highly skilled artisans, much care, experience and attention is woven into each gown, returning to traditional craft and service with a conscious rejection of factory produced or mass made.

We are very happy to work with international  and UK based clients. We offer a private and personal service starting with a 30 min zoom consultation from which your gown will be made to your measurements, 

Our signature gowns are available for 2022/23, including the La Lune and the Marseille gown. We make limited numbers of all our gowns each year traditional personal service, quality, attention, privacy, sensuality and exclusivity.


Please email the studio POA

Holding and guiding you through the journey. Please see our FAQ for guidance

We look forward to meeting you



We are a female run studio with flexible working and gentle energy in all we do.

Slow fashion, with intent, sensitivity and care. 

A soul refresh in a fast, disposable world.

Made in England