Our website is being re designed to serve you post C19, as the world changes and evolves so do we.

We have thoughtfully and carefully updated our FAQ with much information, structure and support for you.

Please read our FAQ before contacting the studio. Due to the volume of enquires and the nature of our work we may take up to 5 working days to respond, we respond thought fully and with consideration to best support your questions in the often daunting bridal experience.

We work traditionally  with our hands and hearts in the studio, and have amazing team of 4 highly skilled artisans.

Due to the nature of our work and the volume of enquiries we are on line for  enquires Monday and Friday afternoons.

As a guide our gowns start at £3000 and are made to order, taking a minimum of 3 months.

If you require a gown sooner than this please email as we may be able to accommodate you.

Each gown is made in house by our team of 4 highly skilled artisans, much care, experience and attention is woven into each gown, returning to traditional craft and service with a conscious rejection of factory produced or mass made.

We are very happy to work with international  and UK based clients. We offer a private and personal service starting with a 30 min zoom consultation from which your gown will be made to your measurements, 

Our signature gowns are available for 2022, including the La Lune and the Marseille gown. We make limited numbers of all our gowns each year traditional personal service, quality, attention, privacy, sensuality and exclusivity.


We take 10 Bespoke clients a year, this service is for clients wanting a complete one off gown, from start to finish. Prices start at £5000 for a complete private service with the Creative Director of Luna Bea. You will have 4 zoom consultations and receive hand drawn sketches of your gown from the design process to keep.

At peak times we may be fully booked, and unable to  accept new clients, in which case you will receive an automated reply thanking you for your enquiry and letting you know we are at that time fully booked.

Holding and guiding you through the journey.Please see our FAQ for guidance

I look forward to meeting you




Wed 10-5 GMT

Please note we are fully booked until Feb 6th for in person and online consultations.

New private appointments will be live from the 6th Feb. We can only take bookings via the online booking form from Feb 6th.

In person appointment hours

Friday 11-6 Sat 11-6 from Feb 6th 


Thursdays 10-5 GMT

.We are a female run studio with flexible

Slow fashion, with intent, softness  and care. 

A soul refresh in a fast, disposable world.

Made in England